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Like And Share BYOU Magazine Facebook Fan Page

BYOU Magazine (the most awesome magazine on planet earth today) has a new Facebook Fan Page. If you like to build confidence and self esteem through a fun and inspiring  media tool like BYOU magazine for girls, this page is for you. So, what are you waiting for!?! Like & Share it to your bff!!!


Honoring Our Moms

Life gets so busy — homework, practices, performances, games, friends, appointments, obligations — that sometimes it’s easy to forgot things, right? To take our everyday blessings for granted, too…like our moms (and other special women) who take care of us tirelessly day in and day out. Thank goodness for holidays such as Mother’s Day, which help us stop and focus for a moment to show our appreciation!!

To express love and appreciation to your mom, here are some of the girl tips that can put a smile on her face:

  • Never leave your mom without saying “goodbye” and “I love you!”
  • After a day at school, greet her with eye contact, a smile, and a hug.
  • Ask your mom how her day was.
  • Talk to her. Share your ideas, dreams, hurts, and concerns. Even share a secret!
  • Ask her opinion on something — anything.
  • Look around the house to see how you can help: Do your shoes need to be put in the closet? The trash taken out? The dishwasher unloaded? To a mom, every little bit you do helps.
  • Make her breakfast (lunch, dinner, snack) once in a while.
  • Rub her shoulders, brush her hair, or show some type of nurturing gesture — moms appreciate attention, too!
  • Leave a sweet note or picture for her somewhere and when she won’t expect it.
  • Ask her at least once a day, “How can I help?”
  • Occasionally, no matter how grown up you feel, call her Mommy, Mama, Nana, or whatever that cute name was you used when you were little.
  • Hold your mom’s hand once in a while…even in public!
  • Be silly with her and help her to laugh — a lot.
  • Insist on cuddle time with her.
  • Have your mom tuck you in at night and allow both of you to feel like you’re her little girl again

Share Special Time With Your Mom! Mommy & Me Tea, Sunday, May 20

Flowers fade and chocolates get gobbled up – give your mom a memory that will last a lifetime! Join us for a special post-Mother’s Day “Mommy & Me Tea: A Mother/Daughter Self-Esteem Experience” on Sunday, May 20, from 1:30-4:30 pm at the historic Brown Palace Hotel in downtown Denver.

Enjoy a traditional tea experience with pastries and treats, while benefitting from a powerful and fun self-esteem program facilitated by nationally-recognized self-esteem expert and BYOU CEO Debra Gano. Debra is the publisher of BYOU “Be Your Own You” magazine and the award-winning author of “Beauty’s Secret, A Girl’s Discovery of Inner Beauty,” and will share tips and experiences to build a strong relationship not only with your mom, but will empower you as well to be your best self.

Tickets are only $119 per pair (adult/girls ages 6-16) and include the traditional tea experience at the Brown Palace, the empowering self-esteem workshop, and a take-home gift bag. Additional family members or friends can be added for $35 per person.

Amazing Self Esteem Magazine Features Sporty Girls

This is a great opportunity you don’t want to miss.

If you live in the Denver area and participate in a sport and would like an opportunity to be photographed for BYOU magazine, please email our BYOU editorial assistant Peri at Perizae (at) beyourownyou (dot) com or call (303) 400-8888 ASAP.

BYOU invites girls ages 7-16 to photograph within the next week (preferably Saturday) who do group sports like soccer, volleyball, etc., as well as individual sports. Peri will need to know your age, sport, and when/where you might be able to be photographed.

Those who respond early will have first consideration.

Powerful Self Esteem Workshop on May 20, 2012 in Denver, Colorado

Build confidence and self esteem on May 20 at the Brown Palace Hotel, Denver, Colorado. This powerful self esteem building program to be presented by Be Your Own You (BYOU) CEO and self esteem coach Debra Gano features an afternoon of fun and empowering activities for women and girls.

If you’re willing to build your girl’s self esteem and yours as well, reserve your tickets now.


Magazine Features Inspiring Young Hollywood Stars

ImageIn the latest issue of BYOU “Be Your Own You” self-esteem magazine, we feature nine inspiring celebrity teens – the Young Hollywood 9 – who give us the scoop on what life is like in their world and it may surprise you! Wild parties and no parental supervision? No way, these kids may be in the spotlight, but they shine both professionally and personally and what they do on a Saturday night is a lot like you. Competitive backstabbing? Far from it – they support and root for each other and are each other’s biggest fans!

Meet (left to right in photo on right) Temara Melek, Allisyn Arm, Cameron Harper, Jennessa Rose, Julianna Rose, Devin Fox, Cody Sulek, Audrey Whitby, and Noland Ammon. They are Disney stars, film stars, recording artists, and even a comedian. They all work hard and are super busy, but still find time to be involved with charities and raise awareness for world issues.

In the current issue of BYOU magazine, you’ll find out WHO:

Admits to being a science nerd
Is also a youth pastor
Started their own charity
Likes sleepovers with BFFs
Shaves their unibrow every day
Can stick their tongue to their nose
Watched “Easy A” 32 times & “Hunger Games” 4 times
Can ski black diamonds
Has a passion for rescuing animals

Don’t miss this issue! Get your subscription today for only $17.97 for a whole year of fun and empowerment!